Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day Trip To Plymouth

The weather forecast was for heavy rain, but as things turned out, while my daughter went to an audition and interview at Plymouth University, I got a good look round a City I do not know.
The harbour wall has a number plaques commemorating early settlers going off to America.
The lighthouse, called Smeatons Tower, was originally built on Eddystone reef, and moved stone by stone in the 1880s, to its current commanding vantage point, when the sea was undermining the rock on which it stood.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Mr Hopkins Revisited

I recently signed up for Friends reunited, and uploaded an old class picture from when I was 8 or 9. And these are the interesting things (for me anyway) I've found from other people... A picture of Mr Hopkins our English teacher from about aged 13 to 15. His comment on my first essay in his class was "5/10 : All very sad. Your story is too breathless to make much sense".

The next one was "8/10: A lively imaginative piece of work."

But a little later..."At present you are trying too hard for the unusual word and your writing is strained. However I expect you'll come to terms with it.'

Cowley Road

I used to live in Oxford, just off the Cowley Road. To me it is still the most amazing road in Oxfordshire.
Most street end houses have a splendid wall mural - as do the public loos. Expand the image to see "When you mentioned Street Art did they look at you like This."
Shops like Bead Games are like going into another world.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Mr Pepper Revisited

This picture would have been taken about three years after I was in Mr Pepper's Class. But the style of the clothes, the mix of children, and variations in size, and the setting are the same.

Mr Pepper was quite unlike any teacher I had known before. The lessons were fun, but a little scary because he called on each of us to take part. Up until then I managed very well to keep in the background.

Taken at Whitehall junior schools in Evington, Leicester - another from Friends Reunited