Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Mystery Machine

The Scooby mobile was outside Peace at the Park on Saturday. 

Inside the park, late in the afternoon, it felt surreal... Many people were listening to a life changing talk by Sister Jayanti on the subject of meditation.We heard flute music in  the chapel, and Sitar music in a tent.  Younger people were playing on trees swings and other were clambering over nets of ropes.

I chanced to meet Janti who I have not seen for at least a couple of years. We used to work together in Solihull so meeting there was quite a suprise.

Janti's wife was dressed in  a white sari like a lot of the sisters. He explained that they were celebrating 20 years of The Global Retreat Centre at Nuneham Park, and his wife is a devotee. 

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