Monday, May 26, 2008

Not the Lord Mayor's Parade

The Lord Mayor's Parade was making its way down a rainy High Street, but I've seen that just too many times. Instead I went to see the Oxford Castle Mound getting remade.

and Bonn Square getting a massive makeover. These events will not be repeated in my lifetime.


Joe said...

link to me my website is

Christine Walker said...

Wait! Did you already have a "Not Abingdon" blog going? Was it in the list of your blogs and I saw it and didn't realize it consciously? Did I think I had a really good Idea and it was your really good idea? Uh-oh.
I need to lie down and take an aspirin.

Backstreeter said...

No it was called somthing else but I thought your name was better, and renamed it. Thats the beauty of blogger.

Christine Walker said...

Oh thank heavens! I thought I was having a senior moment.