Sunday, December 27, 2009

Netherne Village

Yesterday I drove my son over to Croydon. He had to be at work on Boxing Day and transport was a problem. Then being near my old haunts I went to what was once Netherne Mental Hospital and took this picture of what was once Dickens Ward where I worked with people mostly suffering Alzheimer's. This view is little changed. The hospital buildings have been changed to flats, and new houses built all around. The new development is probably about ten years old now, and continues to grow with new houses and is called Nethern Village or Netherne on The Hill.
It is set apart on a hill a way from the nearest town of Hooley. There is a winding lane for cars, or a straight footpath with a direct climb from Hooley which crosses this deep railway cutting.

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This information and the photographs are wonderful - thank you. My mother served with the VAD at Netherne Emergency Hospital during WW2. I know she was there in June, 1940 and would love to find out any other patients, or staff who were there at the same time and may have known her. Her name was Barbara Greene and I can post or send a photograph of her in her VAD uniform.

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