Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Netherne Hospital 1977

I was given a negative scanner for Christmas, so some old images may start appearing here. Following on from yesterday's post... here are some pictures of Netherne Psychiatric Hospital, near Coulsdon in Surrey, as it looked around 1977.

The Main Entrance.
The Main Entrance with a direction sign. Press image to see larger.
The Chapel.

The Water Tower.

A view of the Wards.
And one of the other nurses who I worked with.

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Sectionate said...


I run a small, historical website called TheTimeChamber and coincidently I have a page on Netherne Hospital (http://www.thetimechamber.co.uk/sites/Hospital/Netherne/Netherne.php)

This will sound a bit cheeky, but if you are the copyright holder of these b&w images, would it be possible to publish them on my webstie (with reciprocal link of course)?

PLease do contact me through either my website, or hopefully, the email address supplied with this post.